Buying artificial grass isn’t rocket science. But it’s also not that easy. Use this guide to help you choose the best artificial grass for your needs.

There are many different artificial grass types and varieties available on the market. One of the most popular is our quality range of artificial lawns that we offer in Adelaide. TermiTurf artificial grass Adelaide comes in various textures, colours and thicknesses, so choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky! So we’re going to give you some tips on what to look out for when buying artificial grass.

Determine Your Budget

First thing’s first, you need to work out how much you’re willing and able to spend on your artificial lawn. Artificials are usually sold in metres squared, so knowing the area you want to be covered is key, as it will determine what size rolls of turf or grass mats you’ll need. You can get a rough idea by measuring out the space available – but be sure to allow for wastage.

Artificial Grass Brands and Sizes Available

Different artificial grass brands offer different sized rolls, so take your time to compare prices between them before deciding which brand you want to buy from. Always make sure that the roll size will give you at least 12mm of coverage – if it’s less than this, you may need to buy two or more rolls to achieve the right coverage.

As for artificial grass brands, some offer lovely natural looking lawns that feel like real grass underfoot and others that look very synthetic. If your preference is on the latter side of this argument, don’t worry – we sell both types! You need to decide which you want.

Texture and Colours Available

There are many different artificial grass textures, from fine thread-like strands (which look like a real lawn) to more coarse/thick ones (which look much more fake). If opting for the finer variety, make sure that it is still thick enough – if not, your lawn might look a little too thin, and you may need to buy two or more rolls of grass.

Also, artificial grass comes in different colours – from green through to darker browns and greys. Make sure that the colour is right for your home’s exterior scheme so they’ll blend seamlessly! Also, keep in mind that if you have pets, darker colours are better as they will hide any stains and spills!

Buying from a Reputable Supplier

If you want to get the best value for money when buying artificial grass – always go with a reputable supplier. Ensure that your chosen retailer has been around long enough to establish themselves in their industry and provide good quality products. We have over 40 years experience in the artificial grass industry, so you can be sure that not only are our products high-quality – but they’re also affordable!

Lastly, make sure to measure out your area properly before buying any turf or mats, as well as allowing for wastage when laying it down. If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to get the artificial grass that suits your needs and budget.

I hope this article has been useful for anyone looking to buy TermiTurf artificial grass Adelaide! It’s important to get it right – or you could end up buying too much or too little turf/mats. We want our customers always to get what they need, which is why we have this article. So if you’re interested, click the button below to get in touch!